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GPS Based Solution

Logistic Transport

Logistics are typically comprised of synchronizing 'Operations', 'Warehousing', and 'Transportation' services and links to global supply chain. Monitoring and managing mobile assets is one of the core activities of any company dealing with delivery / transportation of goods / raw material / services.

Public Transpor

By installing VTS, access to real-time information on transportation assets and it enables better scheduling, capacity control and routing. It can provides real-time public transport information to the passengers, which enhances the travel experience and ultimately increases passenger patronage.

School Bus Tracking
VTS is very useful for school bus tracking. By doing this, students and staff members are monitored for their safety. This system is further able to integrate with RFID based real time attendance of Students/Staff members.

Potential Benefits of School Bus Tracking:
arw Reduction in waiting time at pick up points/bus stops
arw Easy scheduling & rescheduling of Bus routes
arw Reduction in Transportation Cost and Time
arw Notification of arrival of buses and schedule change
arw Optimize Fleet Size
arw Real Time bus stoppage and missed stoppage information to management
arw Enhanced Driver Performance.
arw Secured Transportation
arw Parents Satisfaction
arw Reduction in unproductive Route Planning
arw Increased Students Ridership and new revenue streams

Cabs/Ambulance/Oil tanker /Cold storage vehicle trackingr

In our day-to-day travelling, VTS is very useful for scheduling which can eliminates overcharging of vehicle rentals. It can be very useful for Immediate Assistance to Vehicle Break Down, Accidents and Emergency scenarios for ambulance.

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