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Enterprise Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has established itself as a choice for business and organisations looking for a complete business management solutions which is fast to implement, simple to use, and easy to configure. We have designed our Time and Attendance system( CronusTIME) to work with Microsoft Platform(.NET) and with standard NAV module for HR. The implementation of our Time and Attendance System within Microsoft Dynamics NAV system has several benefits.


arw Fully integrated with Dynamics NAV for HR. We can configure our system to work with Dynamics NAV based payroll systems
Integration with existing employee card for Dynamics NAV HR.
arw Our Access and Attendance reader can be used for finger print or smart card or combination of both with the same reader.
arw Can be used for calculating attendance for daily, weekly or monthly.
arw Can be customised to work with different shifts with or without different rates.
arw Automated attendance calculation and input for the Payroll System.


Offshore Software Development/Consultancy Services

Offshore Software Development has emerged as one of the most successful business strategies in today's world. Our Global delivery model help our customers with the benefits of outsourcing so that they can concentrate more on their core activities in a much better way. Our offshore services includes:


arw E- Commerce Consultancy
.NET Development
arw Dynamics NAV services, solutions and consultancy

arw Dynamics CRM based consultancy


IT Support

arwAt CSL our approach means that we work with our customers to develop an IT system designed to meet their unique requirement.


 arw    In the first step, we will rectify the system so that it will save time and money of our customers. In the next stage, planned strategies for monitoring customer's infrastructure and lines of communication are then implemented.

 arw We always try to idenitfy under performing and badly designed areas of our customer's system.  Once agreed, we can configure the system to ensure optimum performance, stability and security.


 arw Our skilled team includes hardware engineers, cable / electrical engineers, technical specialists, software developers and consultants. We will keep running your system by regular visits and through communications. 


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